An excellent logo should be: Simple, Original, Versatile, Adaptable, Scalable.

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It is so important to have a logo in your company and sometimes it is belittled... imagine: What is the face of Bryan?, is exactly what happens with your company, is your image, your symbol, the first thing your customers should remember.

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One Payment
  • 2 Proposals
  • 3 Rounds of changes
  • Delivery in vector format
  • Color, White & Black


Studies have shown that people are more sensitive to images than to texts. It is easier to remember a complex image than a long phrase. A simple and clear logo can convey the product or service you offer and this can have a profound impact on the success of your company.


Some brands will invest millions creating icons that will forever, represent them. The most accurate way is to create a unique product, simple and adapted to your work field..


Our graphic artists have great capabilities and management of tools that will allow them to create an identity appropriate to their product, service or company, this without sacrificing quality, aesthetics and professionalism.


If some company offers you something better, they are probably lying to you...

Before take a decision, send us your proposal and we compare pears with pears, what do you think?

Let's do it, Step by Step.

The most important thing about making this decision is to understand what is the management process and what steps we must follow to have successful results.



Make the purchase of the package guarantees the price and allows us to work on your logo.



Once the payment is made, we will request all the possible information about your company, product or service.



Once we have received the information, we proceed to design your logo as quickly as possible.



Before approving we offer 3 rounds of changes (Colors, texts, layout), to adjust details and meet the expectations of your idea.


You are about to make a change.

Even so, we like to leave everything clearly, read our terms & conditions.

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We create your awesome logo design, with unique principles such as: Simple, Original, Versatile, Adaptable, Scalable.

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Terms and Conditions

By means of this writing, the client and BornTM LLC undertake to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

Glossary of terms
  • Client: It is any natural or legal person that requests our promotional service of logo design.
  • Logo: Graphic product that will represent the company, product or service of the client.
  • Logo design: It is understood as the work of design and creation of the logo entrusted to BornTM LLC and for which the client must pay a remuneration previously agreed by means of this document ($ 395 US Dollars).
  • Tools: Are all the graphic applications of programming, text, images that may be involved in the design of the logo.
  • CMYK: CMYK is the acronym for the basic colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) that are used in four-color prints (Full Color). Sometimes, digital images, including those you try to upload for your image ads, are composed of a mix of CMYK. This is the color process suitable for printing.
  • RGB: Display devices (your computer screen) usually use the RGB format (red, green and blue). The process by which CMYK is converted so that images appear natural on an RGB device is called color matching. This is the right color process for digital use.
About the logo design

The logo will be developed using the tools that BornTM LLC considers necessary for its execution.

The logo can include graphics, typographies and other resources in the form of free royalties, any other payment resource must be demanded and paid by the client such as fonts, icons and others.

Copyrights and trademarks. The customer unconditionally guarantees that all elements of text, graphics, photos, designs and trademarks delivered to BornTM LLC to be included in this logo are his property or that the customer has written permission from their owners to use these, leaving BornTM LLC free of any liability or claim by their owners. All logos will carry in writing the credits that correspond to BornTM LLC as designers of these logos. BornTM LLC will have the right to keep a copy of this logo to be displayed as a sample of its services and be included in its portfolio.

Round of changes

The contracted service consists of 3 rounds of changes, which include variation of color, choice of a new source or other minor detail, it is not allowed to redo the logo from the beginning, it is for this reason that the client must complete the Application form with all the features and guides needed to help our designers' inspiration.


Once the final design has been approved, the deliverables are created in color (CMYK and RGB), in white format and in black format. Each of them is delivered identified with the type of document as well as the formats: EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG, respectively.

  • Type of image with EPS extension.
    The .eps image extension can include both vectors and raster images or bitmaps. It is recommended to use this image file only to send the project to the printer or to send it to designers. This file maintains the right properties for any type of use.
  • Type of image with PDF extension.
    They can show both rasterized and vector images. It is a universal format and is usually ordered in printers as a final file. That is why it is recommended to save in .pdf before taking to print.
  • Type of image with JPEG or JPG extension.
    The image extension .jpg or .jpeg is the most used, especially on the internet, in photographs or web graphics. It is a lossy image format and weighs little, although in small resolutions it can significantly increase its pixilation.
  • Type of image with PNG extension.
    The PNG image format is one of the best. It is lossless and you can add a transparency with gradient to the background (GIF only allows a pure transparency). It is very common nowadays. It is ideal for web graphics as icons and works very well with a reduced color palette.
Backs and Storage of your logo

BornTM LLC will keep for a period no longer than 1 year the files corresponding to your brand to request a replacement of the document in the estimated time please write to

Payment conditions

The customer agrees to pay at the time of accepting this contract 100% of the cost according to the current promotion. If the client rejects all the proposals delivered by BornTM LLC, this will make the refund process of the amount paid less PayPal payment platform fees previously signing a contract of confidentiality of use of emblem and property of BornTM LLC valid to establish a demand for Theft or plagiarism of intellectual property.