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One Payment

50% Start - 50% Delivery

  • 6 Sections
  • 1 Contact form
  • Google Maps
  • Social Media Links
  • SEO (Basic)
  • 6 Keywords
  • Free Stock Photo


70% of people search the Internet first when they think about making a purchase or contracting any kind of services, that's why we will develop your website.


Our experience in web development market, excels not only in design, style and functionality but in compliance with Google standards, SEO and performance overall.


We will develop your customized web page, we will focus on optimizing and generating quality keywords that help position your site in search engines.


If some company offers you something better, they are probably lying to you...

Before take a decision, send us your proposal and we compare pears with pears, what do you think?

Let's do it, Step by Step.

The most important thing about making this decision is to understand what is the management process and what steps we must follow to have successful results.



Making the purchase of the package guarantees the price and allows us to work on your website.



Once the payment is made, we will request all the vital information about your product or service.



Once we have received the information, we proceed to design and program your website as quickly as possible.



Before publishing we offer 2 rounds of changes (Photos, texts, others), to adjust details and then publish your site with all due corrections.

Web Design

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more visual.

We agree that sometimes it is not easy to explain our work, for this reason, we made an animated video that can better illustrate our capacity.


You are close to make a change.

Even so, we like to leave everything clearly, read our terms and Conditions.

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We create your website to be on the internet, with basic principles such as: SEO, Performance, Quality, Design, Responsive.

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Terms and Conditions

By means of this writing, the client and BornTM LLC undertake to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

Glossary of terms
  • Client: It is any natural or legal person that requests our promotional web design service.
  • Website: It's the product or service that makes up a group of web pages with the information and content authorized and guaranteed by the client.
  • Web project: It is understood as the work of design and programming of the website entrusted to BornTM LLC and for which the client must pay a remuneration previously agreed by means of this document ($ 11,900 Mexican Pesos).
  • Tools: They are all the graphic applications of programming, text, images and multimedia that may intervene in the development of the Web Project.
About the development of the project

The project will be developed using the tools that BornTM LLC considers necessary for its execution.

The project may include graphics, CSS styles, widgets and / or plugins that do not run correctly in obsolete browsers such as Internet Explorer (IE) and others, so we suggest the client update to recent versions of his browser and include a legend inside. the web inviting the user to update their browser.

Copyrights and trademarks. The customer unconditionally guarantees that all elements of text, graphics, photos, designs and trademarks delivered to BornTM LLC to be included in this project are his property or that the client has written permission from their owners to use these, leaving BornTM LLC free of any liability or claim by their owners. All projects will have in writing the credits corresponding to BornTM LLC as developers of these web projects with a link to their website. BornTM LLC will have the right to keep a copy of this project to be displayed as a sample of its services and be included in its portfolio.

Maintenance and changes

Only applies when offered as an additional condition to the development of this promotional project and consists of making minor modifications at a cost per hour of $ 495 MXN, through the establishment of a single payment and quoted according to the complexity of it. With respect to the maturity of the exchange rounds BornTM LLC establishes a single payment of $ 1,195 Mexican Pesos for a new round of changes, which involves minor modifications to the project such as: Editing texts, images, videos (YouTube links), addresses , phones, social network links. Under no circumstances can the redesign of any section be requested unless it is established as a new application with additional cost.


The client understands that BornTM LLC does not include the hosting service and domain in the promotion unless otherwise required and the client to BornTM LLC (service of hosting and registration of domains) must enter into a separate contract. In the event that the client selects a hosting provider of his choice, the publication of the project requires a series of confidential information that the client voluntarily submits to BornTM LLC for publication, the client may subsequently agree to the process, eliminate, change or modify your access credentials.

Backup and Storage of your project

In the case of static pages (html, php, others) the client can download from C-Panel a copy of his website or generate backup copies from his C-Panel.

For cases of dynamic pages (CMS) that are developed on open source platforms such as WordPress, it is necessary to periodically make backup copies or contract an automatic backup plan and periodically update plugins, widgets or other elements for proper functioning and protection. From C-Panel you should compress and download your website template, as well as the plugins and information that is in the system for your migration or website backup.

Payment conditions

The client commits to pay at the moment of accepting this contract 50% of the cost according to the current promotion (The charge is programmed automatically). After the delivery of the project, it will cancel the remaining amount (50% previously programmed) plus the additional charges in case of obtaining other contracted services. BornTM LLC will not load the final files in the client's hosting / domain until the final payment of the project is finalized and reserves the right to terminate the contract if the client fails to comply with this payment agreement, our single payment platform is through MercadoPagom, which guarantees an agreement between the parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make monthly payments for the design of my website?

No, our offer is divided into two payments: 50% at the start and 50% at the delivery. Once terminated, you are the sole owner of your website without being bound by any commitment to BornTM LLC.

Will BornTM LLC help me throughout the process to launch my website?

Yes, We can advise you and guide you on what you need to have your website on the air. At this point, we would like to consider some steps.

1. You must buy the domain name

You must buy a domain name, for example:

2. You must buy a hosting service

If you are not an expert, we suggest you buy the domain and the accommodation in the same company) If you are still not sure, we invite you to see the following: More about hosting.

3. You must save the access data to your domain / hosting

In most cases, all the information we need will be received by mail once the purchase is made. Please, keep it safe, we will ask you for this information to publish your website.

Are there conditions in the offer?

Yes, to maintain a promotional price, we only include what is mentioned in the offer. Once all the parameters have been established, we will send you a list of the needs of our team. Do not worry, it's very precise ...

What is the delivery time?

If the client delivers information, images and content on time, our design and development work is 2 weeks.

What is the difference and similar web services?

Our service is of high quality, many companies offer that you develop your website at a monthly cost (paying for always), or perhaps others have established templates and adapt their content to a standard design (without analyzing, without thinking, without designing) Everything is mechanical. Our work is different because all the websites we make are customized.

Can I add other specifications to my website?

Yes, BornTM LLC is in the capacity to program and adjust customized services, only that, before reaching an agreement, the conditions and the cost for the customized service must be established (Chats, Forms, Others).